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AI for energy management and IoT

Smart meters are still dumb

Back in the "good old days" , no one cared about when someone used energy, just how much they used. At the end of the month you just read the change in the meter and billed the customer. Now smart meters are in most of the buildings in the UK though, things are different. Profile classes are still used to estimate a customers bill, even though no 2 customers are actually the same. A 10 year old EPC is still used to guess how much energy a building is going to use, even if the building had new windows 3 years ago, better loft insulation 2 years ago and installed a heat pump last week. Wait, how is that different?

Rules of thumb were made to be broken

The energy market is changing and it's a complicated landscape out there. Time Of Use tariffs, Demand Side Reduction, the Demand Flexibility Service, Virtual Power Plants, solar panels and battery storage. All of these innovations become easier and more powerful if you can understand when a customer is going to use energy during the day, and how much, just before it happens. Batteries can make intelligent decisions based on the expected demand. Customers can understand their energy use patterns better. Network operators can be better informed. How though? Do you expect tomorrow is the same as today? What if you average each hour from this week last year? What about that new heat pump from paragraph one? You forgot about that didn't you...

You need a new approach

You need something automatic. A process that fits each customer specifically. Something that is always available, day or night. It should be smart enough to adapt to changes as they happen, but not need you to get involved when they do. Something you can build on top of. Sounds like a machine learning problem. So I guess you're going to hire some data scientists? Maybe a project manager? How long could it possibly take?

ENGI.AI can help

Engi.ai is a machine learning tool that predicts a buildings energy use. By using AI to analyse smart meter data it can understand natural patterns of energy use in a building and estimate how much energy the building is going to use next, without a survey. Engi.ai works nicely with existing processes, and can integrate into your software. Engi.ai is available every hour of every day. It works during holidays and never gets sick. Sign up for our public alpha release to join in when it goes live.